Linden Parker

Academic background and research interests


I recently (2017) completed my MA in Sociolinguistics at the University of Essex, Colchester, for which I was awarded a distinction. My dissertation (An exploration of use of and attitudes towards gender-neutral pronouns among the non-binary, transgender and LGBT+ communities in the United Kingdom, 2017) spanned the disciplines of transgender studies and sociolinguistics, with a focus on attitudes around gender-neutral pronouns and their use as personal pronouns by non-binary people.


In July 2012, I graduated with an honours degree in European Studies and German (BScEcon) from Aberystwyth University, achieving a 2:1. As part of my course I completed a dissertation related to European Union democracy, with a focus on the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) - which was introduced in April 2012. I would definitely consider doing further research in this area in the future, though I have since switched my academic focus to linguistics.


On top of my research into non-binary linguistics, I also have an interest in British dialect variation (especially variations among different generations in rural areas in the UK), and the use of different written registers in the social media age.


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